Our Mission

Hong Kong, with its unique and diverse culture, is a land brimming with potential. We envision the establishment of a school that embraces both cultural  dentity and a global perspective, dedicated to pursuing progress and adhering to practical application, and exploring the future of education  with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to establishing an innovative future-orientated school in Hong Kong, aimed at serving the children of families from Mainland China.  Utilising Hong Kong's international status, multiculturalism, liberal educational market and developed infrastructure, we aspire to provide a purer form of holistic education. Drawing on the unique East-meets-West advantage, we support our students in becoming rooted in Chinese culture while nurturing  an open, international outlook.

Learning for the Future

We believe in employing the most advanced educational practices to prepare students for the complex challenges of the future. Beyond the traditional  onfines of classrooms and textbooks, our students learn to engage more widely with the support of technology, engaging in limitless learning.

Community and Relationships

We are committed to fostering a learning community which provides care and support. This is a place where growth is celebrated, and every individual knows the joy of learning and maturing, collectively valuing respect, honesty and integrity.

Cultural Identity and Global Perspective

We are dedicated to creating an immersive bilingual environment that allows students to be grounded in Chinese culture while acquiring a global perspective.

Civic Consciousness and Social Responsibility

Through the provision of practical life experiences, we guide our children to develop a sense of civic responsibility and understanding and to undertake their social duties in the face of challenges.

Graduate Profile

Respect for Nature

Cultural Inheritance


Global Awareness

Kindness and Compassion

Resilience and Courage

Growth Mindset

Healthy and Confident

Mastery in Learning

Skilled in Collaboration

Joy in Creativity

Boldness in Action

Our Strengths

Unique Location

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the cultural centre of Hong Kong, with the backdrop of the Greater Bay Area, with convenient transportation and abundant educational and cultural resources in the vicinity.

Registered member of Cambridge International Schools

As a Cambridge International School and Cambridge Examination Centre, Austin School is part of a world-leading education system.

Holistic education that focuses on the development of students’ interests and their physical and mental growth

Student support based on small class sizes, an effective advisory system and multi-dimensional evaluation.

Immersion bilingual education rooted in Chinese culture with an open international perspective

The Chinese curriculum is taught in Mandarin using simplified characters, alongside Chinese and English languages and cultures.

One-stop schools with primary and secondary qualifications

Eligible students can smoothly transition from primary to secondary school.

Technology-supported maths and STEM programmes

Relying on powerful educational technology, we can support children's maths and science learning in a more personalised way, allowing them to challenging themselves in both subjects and have the ability to integrate mathematical and computer thinking.