The music team at Austin School has a professional musical education background from the United Kingdom and the United States. Our music classrooms and studios are well-equipped with an array of instruments and professional equipment. The ethos of our music education is `Music is Life'. We aspire for every child to revel in the joy that music brings and appreciate the beauty of music in their everyday lives.

Making Music a Part of Students' Lives

In music classes, beyond vocal and instrumental training, music appreciation, and composition, students have the opportunity to experience the charm of music and enjoy the happiness it brings through a variety of engaging activities.

Making Music Cultural Ambassadors

Students become acquainted with other musical cultures by singing folksongs from around the world in their original languages, playing music and watching music concerts from different styles and countries.

Programme of Career Education

Our music team has implemented the syllabus of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools Music (ABRSM) in instrumental performance and theory of music, to prepare students to take graded and diploma examinations. We also introduced the Elite Student Instrumental Music Program (ESIMP) in 2023 to train potential musicians in instrument performance.