Austin School is a registered Cambridge International School and Assessment Centre and we base our school curriculum around the ‘Cambridge Pathway’ shown below. 


However, we enhance this curriculum with aspects unique to our school. 


Firstly we are proud to be a bilingual school. Students who come to our school have the opportunity to become fluent in both English and Mandarin, as well as absorbing the varied cultures associated with these languages. Our curriculum encourages the students to become familiar with their native culture at the same time as learning about and appreciating cultures from around the world. 

Secondly we place great importance on the teaching and learning of mathematics. We see this core subject as something that all students can, and should, excel at – regardless of which academic direction they may follow in the future. 
Thirdly we incorporate technology, in all its varied forms, into our children’s education. We are confident that we can achieve the correct balance between the use of the most up-to-date technical advances available to us with more traditional tools for learning. 


Lastly, we do not sacrifice the wonderful world to be experienced through other subjects for the sake of academic excellence solely in the core subjects. We strive to achieve the right balance between the artistic, physical and academic to provide a well-balanced curriculum for all our students. 
Currently our student body is Primary and Lower Secondary and we will gradually expand to include the full secondary age range.