For Chinese children considering studying internationally, what is the significance of learning Chinese? Our students, rooted in Chinese culture, must draw inspiration from their heritage before they can fully understand themselves and the world. Chinese language serves not only as a vessel for cultural heritage but the foundation for their understanding of life and world view. A Chinese education strengthens the connection of our children with their families and society, empowering them to resolutely face the future.


The Chinese education we envision is the starting point of studying humanities. Our children discover and appreciate beauty, explore the accumulated wisdom of human civilisation, respect diversity, express their views logically with empathy, and acquire the courage and ability for critical thinking.


Chinese classes are based on Chinese National Curriculum textbooks. We design `Big Units' to improve the breadth and depth of reading, integrate philosophy, aesthetics, history, folklore, and expand Chinese into a more comprehensive and profound humanistic education, forming a rich cultural identity. Students are able to `write simplified characters and recognise traditional ones', so they can form a sense of multicultural communication through merging into Chinese civilisation.