Dearest Austin School families,


We are extremely proud of our school and excited to see the heights our community will achieve.


We would like to encourage all families to stay active in their child’s education. Education is a partnership between family at home and school. We are partners in education, and it is only together that we can ensure each child reaches their full potential. Every child can succeed, and success is rooted in communication and cooperation between home and school. It is our goal to see to it that Austin School is known for its excellence and together we are sure this can be achieved.

Open communication between parents and staff is a key element of successful education. The school is devoted to interacting with parents, students and staff alike to explore new ideas and to make sure the needs of all our pupils are met. We will be meeting with parents and members of the community throughout the year, as will the teaching staff.

We welcome conversation with you throughout the year. We will keep students at the forefront of our thoughts and deeds and achieve excellence together and are eager to celebrate the achievements of all our students moving ahead.

Thank you and my best wishes,
Dr. Guo Xin
Austin School