Our Secondary School is a registered Cambridge International School, a registered Cambridge Advanced Secondary International School, and a registered Assessment Centre. Our Year 10 and 11 students will study for their IGCSEs.  

Our secondary curriculum follows the best practices of inquiry-based learning from both Cambridge, British to which we have added the best parts of international curricula, the Hong Kong curriculum, and our own personalised student learning curriculum. 

Our secondary students will receive a high level of attention from their teachers due to our small class settings. This allows teachers and students to go beyond the borders of the curriculum to expand their knowledge and fully explore inquiry-based learning. 

We have enhanced our Mathematics and Mandarin programmes to exceed local expectations, preparing students for the ever-changing, fast-paced modern world where Mathematics is a fundamental skill, and Mandarin an ever-growing international language. 
Alongside their regular lessons, our students have access to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to further develop their skills and interests and to help them become well-rounded students. 


The IGCSEs offered by our school include:


English, Mathematics, Science


Chinese, English, English as a Second Language, French


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education


Accounting, Mathematics, Further Mathematics

Social Sciences and Humanities

Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History, PSHE, Sociology

Creative and Technical

Computer Science, Design & Technology, ICT


Art & Design, Drama, Music