The Primary classes in Austin School are an exciting place to be! Teachers, alongside support staff, quickly settle the students into classroom routines where they are encouraged to decide as a group what the behaviour and learning expectations are for the year. At Austin School we believe that students need to take ownership of their learning and learn the rights and responsibilities of being in a team. To help establish this, in the primary classes we celebrate the students who try hard in their academic learning, but also recognise those students who excel in other areas, such as showing care and consideration for their classmates. All strengths and talents are valued equally. Our assemblies are a time when we share successes and achievements with students in all the classes, thus helping foster our Primary community.

We have high learning expectations, and the children quickly learn to be effective communicators and take pride in their achievements in all subjects. We want students to be active learners and we encourage them to learn from their mistakes. We encourage them to be risk-takers and attempt challenges without fear. We want our children to remember their Primary years as being fun as well as having laid the foundations for future academic excellence.

Our primary school is a registered Cambridge International School and Assessment Centre. In Years 1 to 6, our students receive an inquiry-based learning education that follows a topic-based approach and cross-curricular approach pulling elements of the English National Curriculum to combine with the Cambridge International inquiry-based learning curriculum.

In addition to continuous observational and end-of-term assessments, students will be exposed to Cambridge Progression assessments.  Year 6 students will sit for the internationally-recognised Cambridge Checkpoint assessments.

During primary years, students are encouraged to be inquisitive, creative and imaginative to help them cultivate a love of learning. Lessons are personalised using our Personalised Student Learning Plan to ensure that each student is involved in our learning environment.

Our small classes ensure that all students receive ample personalised learning where teachers assist learners to reach their full potential and encourage children to go beyond expectations. Our Reading First Programme plays an integral role in our school and all students are encouraged to read daily.

Primary Subjects include











Physical Education