Interview and Assessment
Interviews and assessments for all children applying to Austin School will be conducted. We invite parents and children for an interview and children for an assessment. For Year 1 and Year 2 students there will be a brief assessment followed by a group (whenever possible) observational process or a short individual observational process.

For Years 3 to 6 students will sit for a brief assessment as well as participate in an observational session.

For Years 7 to 13 students will have to sit for a longer assessment as well as participate in an observational session.

Our assessment and observation process is designed to ensure that all children who join the Austin School family are able to access all aspects of our curriculum. The school will use the results of each child’s assessment as a baseline for us to track and monitor individual student progress.

The parent interview is an opportunity for parents and Austin School to discuss our family approach to learning, the educational future of your child, and our school’s vision and ethos.

Upon enrolment in Austin School all students will participate in a Baseline CEM assessment which will aid our teachers in preparing lessons that are best suited to the needs of our students.

Years 1 and 2

Each child entering our Year 1 or 2 age groups is assessed within a warm and welcoming environment. Children of this age group will be observed whilst participating in planned activities. Our observations are intended to provide a window into the child’s learning readiness. Learning readiness at Austin School is characterised as an insight into the child’s personality and inherent characteristics rather than a specific academic aptitude. Children can be expected to show self-confidence, friendliness, age-appropriate interactions in their separation from parents or other caregivers, turn-taking, sharing, and simple conversational interaction.

Years 3 and above

For children who enter Austin School at Year 3 or above a more thorough interactive assessment system will be completed. This assessment will focus on vocabulary, non-verbal interaction, and skills. The child will also meet our Head of School or a member of our academic teaching staff for a brief conversation regarding their interests and hobbies, as well as to answer any questions the child may have about Austin School. During the observation process we will do our utmost to ensure the child is at ease with the process and offer support and encouragement at each step along the way.

Overseas Candidates

Admission for Year 3 and older students will require students to assess our interactive computerised assessment programme remotely. The school will assist in arrangements for this. The child will also have an observation conducted through the use of online video conferencing. Parents will also have their portion of the interview process conducted this way. Official school reports from the previous school will also be required. Recommendation letters from previous schools are highly recommended as well but not compulsory. Times will be arranged at a convenient hour for the candidates and the school.


Free of Admissions Fee (Original Fee HK$2000)

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