School Services

Austin School is committed to providing the best in amenities and security for our pupils and staff.

The School employs a number of outside contractors who provide additional services to the school community. These include:

Catering – Austin School Catering is considerate of all social distancing measures and all dietary restrictions and regulations of our staff.  For our senior students there are a multitude of dining establishments near the school, should they choose to have their lunch hour away from the school.

For our junior students their dietary needs will be met, in accordance with strict health and nutritional guidelines, and in conjunction with parental wishes at school as part of our whole-day school. 

Cleaning – Austin School is cleaned twice daily to reduce the potential spread of infectious diseases.  A dedicated cleaning staff are on school premises during all opening hours. 

Security – Security staff at Austin School are placed at two security stations to ensure all visitors to the school are announced.  The safety of our pupils and staff are of utmost importance to Austin School.

Transportation – Bus services are handled by our school office, which may be reached at +852 2711 1168.

Uniforms – All Austin School uniforms are made of durable, quality, itch free fabric.  Their design is intended to reflect the moral standing of the school whilst allowing for a standout appearance for all our students.  For more details of our school uniforms and for ordering information please contact the school office at +852 2711 1168